e-GP ID Name of the Work Action
399052 Carrying Installing Testing & commissioning of 132 kV SF6 Circuit Breaker & 132 kV CT at Mymensingh Grid Sub-Station under GMD, PGCB, Mymensingh. Details
380151 Earth excavation and leveling work at Meghnaghat 230 kV Grid Substation under GMD, Dhaka (East), PGCB. Details
401158 Taking out old gravel brick soling and cleaning relaying of gravel at 230 kV Siddhirganj substation under GMD, Dhaka (East), PGCB. Details
386032 Repair Maintenance and painting of boundary wall chain link fencing and barbed wire at Siddhirganj 230/132 kV and 132/33 kV grid substation under GMD, Dhaka (East), PGCB. Details
396037 Construction work of proposed 4 Nos. Security Posts at NLDC Premises Aftabnagor, Badda, Dhaka. Details
394375 Re-construction of Boundary Wall at Chowmuhani 132/33 kV Grid Sub-station GMD, Cumilla, PGCB Details
400060 1. Recovering 33 kV XLPE cable from the LT Side of GT-01 Transformer to the Control Room. 2. Civil Maintenance of Herringbone Bond (HBB) in 132 kV switchyard. 3. Construction of RCC slab for Cable Trench etc. Details
395902 Tower Leg Painting work of Noapara-Jashore 132 kV Transmission Line under GMD, PGCB, Khulna (North). Details
394800 Supply & fixing the following capacities multi purpose ABCE DRY chemical powder stored pressure type with manometer system fire extinguisher & Co2 (Carbon-Di-Oxide) fire extinguisher under GMD, PGCB, Khulna (North). Details
399925 Tower leg painting and maintenance of Jhenaidah-Magura 132 kV transmission line Number of towers-88 Nos. 1-88 Magura Sub-station portion under GMD, PGCB, Jhenaidah. Details
399863 132 kV Bus-Bar and loop conductors changing and maintenance works at Bheramara GK Grid Sub-Station under GMD, PGCB, Jhenaidah. Details
395679 Bheramara Power Station-Bheramara Gk 132 kV transmission lines circuit-1 reconductoring and circuit-2 stringing works at Bheramara, Kushtia under GMD, PGCB, Jhenaidah. Details
390487 Emplacement/replacement work of angle, RCC muffling & anti-corrosive painting on tower leg at 132 kV Mirpur-Tongi & 132 kV Mirpur-Aminbazar Transmission Line; anti-corrosive painting on whole tower (Tower No. 29, 30 & 31) at 132 kV Aminbazar-Savar Transmission Line; building guide wall besideTower No. 21 for leg protection, erection of OPGW & dismantling old earth wire at 132 kV Mirpur-Aminbazar Transmission Line under GMD, Dhaka (North-West), PGCB. Details
394408 Supplying, fitting and fixing vertical venetian blinds for window of control room at Mirpur 132/33 kV Grid Sub-Station Under GMD, Dhaka (North-West), PGCB. Details
396248 Reconstruction of tower protection structures with replace of tower member of tower number 66 at 132 kV Kallyanpur-Lalbag Transmission line under GMD, Dhaka (North-West), PGCB. Details
396263 Annual Basis Cleaning and Sweeping works of Shyampur 230/132 kV GIS Grid Sub Station Under GMD, PGCB, Dhaka-South. Details
395967 Construction of Under Ground Drain for surface drain water extraction and Civil Maintenance work of Boundary wall at Munshiganj 132/33 kV Grid Sub Station under GMD, PGCB, Dhaka-South. Details
394805 Maintenance works of Ishwardi Office building and Training Center under HVDC Circle, PGCB, Joynagar, Ishwardi, Pabna. Details
394447 Construction of One River Crossing Tower (Tower # 54) of 230 kV Hasnabad-Shyampur (Meghnaghat) double circuit Transmission Line at Aliganj, Narayanganj under GMD, Dhaka-South, PGCB. Details
395135 Repair, Maintenance and painting works of boundary wall, drain repairing & extension, extension of training bay, control panel, relay panel shad and construction of circuit breaker pad of Maniknagar 230/132 kV GIS Grid Substation under GMD, Dhaka-Central, PGCB. Details