e-GP ID Name of the Work Action
434599 Construction of a deep tube well at Patuakhali 132/33 kV Grid Sub-Station Under GMD, PGCB, Barishal. Details
431185 Refilling repair and maintenance of fire extiguisher at 7 No. grid substations under GMD, PGCB, Jhenaidah. Details
430970 Replacement and painting of tower leg members at towers 49, 51, 53 of KabirpurTongi 132 kV transmission line under GMD, Kaliakair, PGCB. Details
435006 (Re-Tender)Bus Changing Work at Kabirpur Grid Substation. Details
430491 Repair & Maintenance of Control Room Building Security Fencing Constructing a Car shade at Manikganj Grid Substation & Making a Thai aluminum based Room at Dhamrai Grid & others associated works under GMD, PGCB, Aricha. Details
430687 Repair & Maintenance of GMD Office Building Toilet of Mosque Tin shed of open store yard Security fencing & Associated Works under GMD, PGCB, Aricha, Manikganj. Details
434921 Repair and Maintenance work at Pabna 132/33 kV Grid- Substation Control room Under GMD, PGCB, Ishwardi Details
429961 Repair and Maintenance works of 230 kV Ishwardi-HVDC, Ishwardi-Baghabari, HVDC -Khulna and 132 kV Ishwardi-Natore line of Ishwardi 230/132/33 kV Grid Sub-station under GMD, PGCB Ishwardi. Details
427969 Construction of One New 132 kV Tower Tower No. 34 of 132 kV Old Shyampur New Shyampur Line to Maintain ROW for Padma Bridge Railway Connectivity Project at Rasulpur Point. Details
427888 Construction of Two New 132 kV Tower (Tower No. 77 & 78) of HasnabadShitallakhya/ Aggreko Line to Maintain ROW for Padma Bridge Railway Connectivity Project at Brahmangaon point. Details
427395 Painting work of river crossing tower No. 5 at Bakalia-shikalbaha double circuit line under GMD, Chattogram (Central), PGCB. Details
427392 Repair and maintenance of Slope protection of approach road at Bakalia Grid Sub-Station under GMD, Chattogram (Central), PGCB. Details
427351 Re-Routing of Halishahar-julda 132 kV S/C Overhead Transmission Line for Increasing Ground Clearance at Saltgola Chattogram for Proposed Elevated Express Way of Chittagong Development Authority under GMD, Chattogram (Central), PGCB. Details
427242 Painting of NLDC Building and its premises. Details
426798 Supply, installation, testing & commissioning of 20 (Twenty) Nos. 48VDC, 200AH (24 Cell/Set, 2V/Cell) VRLA (Gel Type) battery sets with steel rack (powder coating) and necessary accessories. Details
426627 Tower Leg Painting and Maintenance Work of Maniknagar-Haripur and Siddhirganj-Ullon 132 kV Transmission Line under Maniknagar 132 kV Grid Substation, GMD, Dhaka Central, PGCB. Details
430413 Repair, Maintenance and Supply, Installation of Water Tank for Ansar Barak at Rampura 230/132 kV Grid sub-station under GMD, Dhaka-Central, PGCB. Details
430566 Reconstruction of guard wall of 132 kV Maniknagar-Haripur double ckt transmission line’s 6th No. tower under Maniknagar 132 kV GIS Grid Sub-station, GMD, Dhaka Central, PGCB. Details
425664 “Procurement of vehicle services (Microbus) on monthly rental basis for 12 months.” Details
423355 Carrying, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of 1 Nos. of 132/33 kV 25/41 MVA Power Transformer at Thakurgaon Grid Sub-Station under GMD, PGCB, Dinajpur. Details