e-GP ID Name of the Work Action
19377 Tower leg painting work under GMD, Mymensingh of Ashuganj-Kishoreganj and Kishoreganj-Mymensingh 132kV Transmission Line, Tower No. 112 to 141= 30 Nos. and 159 to 182-24 Nos. Total 54 Nos. Details
20569 Repair the roof slab of permanent store no.2 of Tangail 132/33 kV Grid substation including maintenance of the same. Details
20541 Supply & Storing of Silica gel for different 230 & 132 kV Grid Substation under Grid Maintenance Division Dhaka North. Details
20540 Replacement of missing tower members & rust protection painting on Tower legs of Ashuganj-Serajganj 230 kV Transmission line(Tangail part). Details
19811 Purchase of Measuring Equipments for Three Grid Substation under GMD, Faridpur. Details
19864 Indication of Circuit No. Tower No. & Danger at Tower Leg Angles of Transmission Line under GMD, Faridpur. Details
19840 Repair and Maintenance work of Khulshi-Madunaghat 132kV line-1 at Tower No. 38 under Khulshi Grid Substation, GMD, Ctg. (North). Details
19562 Supply of 500 kg Silica Gel for Power Transformer under GMD, Dhaka (North-West). Details
19486 45 nos Tower Leg paint work of Mirpur-Tongi 132kV Transmission Line under GMD, Dhaka (North-West). Details
19402 21 nos 132 kV tower paint of Hasnabad-Kamrangir Char-Kallyanpur & Aminbazar-Kallyanpur Transmission Line. Details
19383 Painting work of 230/132kV single phase auto transformer TR-2 (3 nos) at Aminbazar Grid Sub-station. Details
19157 Supply of 03 (Three) Thermal Imaging Camera under GMD, Jhenaidah. Details
19146 Supply & Installation of New Air Cooler (04 Nos. with accessories) for Jessore Grid Sub-Station under GMD, Jhenaidah. Details
19141 Supply & Installation of one set (60 Nos.) lead acid industrial battery (with accessories) for Jessore Grid, Sub-Station under GMD, Jhenaidah. Details
18816 Reconstruction of damaged drain at East & West side of Panchagar 132/33kV Grid Sub-station, Panchagar. Details
18480 Painting in tower leg of 230 kV Comilla (N)-Ashugonj Transmission Line (Tower No. 01-135) under Comilla (N) Substation. Details
18479 Installation of submersible pump in residential building at 132/33 kV Daudkandi Grid Substation. Details
18469 Making water reserver tank and pipe line for reserve the supply water of pouroshova at Chandpur Substation. Details
17768 Construction of Cable Trench for 33 kV Power Cable of Madaripur Grid Sub-station, Faridpur. Details
17675 Supply of Branded Desktop Computer, Laptop, Printer and UPS Details