e-GP ID Name of the Work Action
21858 Repair and maintenance of Security\nfencing, barbed wire of boundary wall and\nsoil replacement work at Comilla N Grid\nSub-station. Details
20931 Repair and Maintenance work of Boundary Wall (including barbed wire fencing) & drain, wall painting etc of switch yard of Hasnabad 230kV Grid Sub-station under GMD, Dhaka-South. Details
18419 Civil Maintenance work of two unit (each of 600 Sft.) of E-3\nResidential Building at Hasnabad 132/33 kV Grid Sub-station\nunder GMD, Dhaka-South. Details
18043 Cold film Galvanizing paint of two towers (Tower No. 94-95) of\nHasnabad-Shyampur 132kV Transmission line under GMD,\nDhaka-South. Details
15099 Changing of 75 leg/ tetrapoid of 31 towers at Haripur-Ghorashal 132 kV transmission line. Details
14684 Supply of Hardware Materials for GMD, Ctg(North). Details
14414 Earth filling besides of E & F type Building and E -1 Building’s Drain Maintenance Works of Sylhet Grid. Details
22373 Repair and maintenance work of 230/132 KV auto-transformer nearby Herring bone bond of 230/132 KV grid substation of GMD, Dhaka-central Details
22375 Supply of Tools/Equipments for different Sub-station under GMD, Sreemongal. Details
22988 Purchase of Measuring Equipments for 03 (Three) Grid Sub-stations under GMD, Faridpur. Details
21547 Supply of Iron Rack for Store at Hasnabad 132/33kV Grid Substation under GMD, Dhaka-South. Details
21819 Civil Maintenance and Vertical Extension of Boundary wall at Hasnabad 132/33kV Grid Sub-station under GMD, Dhaka-South. Details
21820 Supply of the One set 110 Volt DC Battery 132/33kV Grid Substation under GMD, Dhaka-South. Details
21857 Supply, Installation & Commissioning of 110 volt Alkaline (Ni-Cd) battery set with existing DC system at Kallyanpur 132/33 kV grid Sub-station under GMD, Dhaka (North-West). Details
22271 Installation of Earth Electrode for Transformer Earthing at Faridpur, Madaripur and Gopalgonj Grid Sub-station under GMD, Faridpur. Details
22332 Supply of Necessary tools for 03 (Three) Substation under GMD, Faridpur. Details
22355 Supply and Installation of aluminum partition (with glass) at room no 101 & 211, glass door at main access & lift lobby in NLDC Building. Details
21797 Supplying of high grade crystal silica gel used for maintenance purpose of Transmormers at differnet Grid Sub-station under GMD Bogra. Details
21801 Repair and Maintenance work of broken drain wall (west side) of Joypurhat 132/33 KV Grid Substation under GMD Bogra. Details
21840 Procurement of Tools & Equipment for different Sub-stations under GMD, PGCB, Rangpur Details