e-GP ID Name of the Work Action
476834 132kV Bay extension works for 132/33kV new T4 Transformer 132kV CT, DS, LA, GCB & Transformer Pad foundation works Cable Trench & Road extension works Earth mesh installation Boring Spacing Connecting works Genrty structure supply & Erection Gravelling & other necessary works at Netrakona Grid Sub-Station under GMD, Mymensingh, PGCB. Details
476771 Supply of 150 RM Bare Copper Conductor at Netrakona Grid Sub-Station under GMD, Mymensingh, PGCB. Details
472150 Supply Installation Testing & Commissioning of DC System Monitoring and Fault Locator for different Grid Substations, PGCB. Details
471614 Supply and Installation of Ceiling Suspended Type Air Cooler at Rangpur & Palashbari Grid Sub-Station under GMD, PGCB, Rangpur. Details
467284 Supply one double cabin pickup vehicle with carry boy for SPMD, Chattogram, PGCB. Details
466112 Re-Routing of Khulshi-Baraulia 132kV D/C Overhead Transmission Line for Increasing Ground Clearance at Fouzdarhat, Chattogram for Constructing Bypass Road From Bayejid Bostami Road to Fouzdarhat Project by Chittagong Development Authority. Details
465378 Supplying 02 (two) Nos. 50 kg SF6 gas cylinder for use of SF6 circuit breaker at different Grid Substations under GMD, PGCB, Rajshahi. Details
464990 (Re-Tender) Supplying & Fixing Fire Extinguisher ABCE Dry Powder Type and Co2 Type Under GMD, PGCB , Khulna(North). Details
464496 Procurement of 400kV, 230 kV & 132 kV Circuit Breaker for different grid substations under Transmission-1 & 2, PGCB. Details
464494 (Re-Tender)Supply, installation, testing & commissioning of 1(One) Set Ni-Cd Battery for Goalpara 132 kV Grid sub-station under GMD, PGCB, Khulna (North). Details
463622 Replacement of 3 132 kV Isolators at Kabirpur Grid Substation under GMD Kaliakair PGCB Details
463444 Installation of window grill and collapsible gate at Kaliakair Grid Substation under GMD Kaliakair PGCB Details
463246 Procurement of computer & Other IT Equipments for different offices of PGCB Head office. Details
461225 Procurement of Auxiliary Transformer for different GMD, PGCB. Details
459996 132 kV switchyard new RPC unit store adjacent fencing and barbed wire painting works at Kabirpur Grid Substation under GMD Kaliakair PGCB. Details
459969 132 kV gantry structure CT PT LA BD LD supporting structure enamel painting works at Kabirpur grid substation under GMD, Kaliakair, PGCB. Details
457624 Supply of Power Cable and Control Cable for Operation & Maintenance purpose of Sub- Stations under GMD,Mymensingh, PGCB. Details
457593 Supply of Hot Dip Galvanized Nut-Bolt (GI) for various repair & maintenance work under GMD, Mymensingh, PGCB Details
457468 Procurement of 132kV 800 sqmm Underground Insulated Joint kit for NPTNDP Project & GMD Dhaka N-W PGCB. Details
455795 Tower Foundation Protection Work by filling & dumping of 10,693 Nos geo- textile bags with boat & total station at Meghna River of Narsingdi-B.baria HV Transmission Line Tower No. 161 & 162 of Narsingdi 132/33 kV Grid Sub- Station under GMD Narsingdi where the Towers are now inside the river. Details