e-GP ID Name of the Work Action
508346 Annual dead line checking of 400/230/132kV transmission lines under GMD, Kaliakair, PGCB. Details
507752 Tower number ckt marking and voltage level writing in tower member of 230 kV Bibiyana-Shahjibazar line under GMD PGCB Sreemongal. Details
507704 Tower Number Danger and Phase marking in separate plates of Shahjibazar-Brahmanbaria 132 kV Transmission line under GMD, PGCB, Sreemongal. Details
507603 Transportation Repair & Maintenance of 132/33 kV 80/120 MVA faulty Transformer LEEEC China at Khulshi Grid Sub-Station under GMD, Chattogram-Cenral, PGCB. Details
507508 Repair Maintenance Testing & Commissioning of Rampur-Halishahar and Rampur-Khulshi 132 kV Double Circuit underground 800 sq mm XLPE Cable line by Cable Joint under GMD, Chattogram-Central, PGCB. Details
507444 Annual dead line checking and maintenance works of different transmission line under GMD, PGCB, Sreemongal. Details
507207 Annual Maintenance work of 400 kV, 230 kV and 132 kV Tension/Angle/Section/Dead End Towers such as: 1. Checking and tightening of jumper/loops. 2. Checking and cleaning of insulator discs. 3. Tightening of damper. 4. Repositioning of damper if replaced and other related works under GMD-Narsingdi Details
507044 Transmission Line Vehicle Maintenance for Siddhirganj Substation under GMD Dhaka East PGCB Ltd. Details
506802 Maintenance of 1500KVA (Model:KTA-50-G8-1) and 1250KVA (Model:KTA-50-G3) Diesel generator with supplying associated items at Bangladesh-India Power Transmission Center, Bheramara, Kushtia under HVDC Circle, PGCB. Details
506644 Annual Maintenance Dead Line Checking and Repair-Maintenance of different types of Bay & T/L Equipments with supply fitting-fixing of necessary hardware materials for all T/L under GMD, Rajshahi. Details
506624 Tower Supply Civil Works Erection and Stringing of 132kV Transmission Line for Re-routing of existing line due to increase the height of existing line for the ground clearance of newly constructed Flyover of Rajshahi City Corporation under 132kV Tower No. 9-10 of Rajshahi-132kV to Rajshahi-230kV Transmission line under GMD, PGCB, Rajshahi. Details
506515 Supply Installation testing & Commissioning of 110 Volt Industrial Battery & Battery Charger at Lalmonirhat Under GMD, PGCB, Rangpur. Details
506383 Tower Leg Muffling Painting and others Maintenance Works of 132 kV Transmission line under Rajshahi-2 Grid Sub-station. Details
506380 Transmission Line tower leg painting of Natore grid sub-station under GMD, PGCB, Rajshahi. Details
506320 Supplying Installation Testing and Commissioning of Ni-Cd Battery and Battery Charger for 125V DC System and selling old Ni-Cd Batteries at Rajshahi 132/33kV Grid Substation under GMD, PGCB, Rajshahi. Details
506171 Supply and installation of electrical goods for switchyard and street lighting system, firefighting system, LT air circuit breaker and CCTV system at Bangladesh-India Power Transmission Centre, Bheramara, Kushtia under HVDC Circle, PGCB. Details
506122 Supply Installation Testing & Commissioning of Air coolers for Tongi and Joydevpur Grid S/S under GMD, Dhaka-North. Details
506111 Supply & Testing of 200W LED Flood Light & Metal Halide Light Accessories for Different Grid S/S under GMD, Dhaka-North. Details
506064 Annual Dead Line Checking works of 400kV 230kV & 132kV Transmission Line under GMD, Dhaka-South, PGCB. Details
505695 Re-routing of 132 KV Tongi-Bashundhara Transmission Line CKT-1 at BNS Sheikh Mujib Area, Khilkhet, Dhaka by Underground XLPE Power Cable. Details