Capacity Enhancement of Existing Grid Substations and Transmission Lines

Objective(s) To meet the growing demand of electricity all across the country by upgrading the capacity of existing substations, installing capacitor banks, reconductoring and second circuit stringing of existing transmission lines.
Scope of Work 1. Capacity Upgradation of Existing Substations
2. Capacitor Bank at 33 kV
3. Reconductoring of Existing 132 kV Transmission Line
4. Second Circuit Stringing of 132 kV Transmission Lines
5. 132 kV new Transmission Line
Project Cost Total: 77486.00 Lakh BDT
Development Partner ECNEC approved the DPP with certain conditions. Recast DPP has been sent to Power Division.
Present Status DPP approval in process.
Estimated Duration July, 2021 to December, 2024
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last updated on: 2021-09-30 12:53:55
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