Southwest Power Transmission Grid Expansion Project for Rural Electrification

Objective(s) • To construct transmission infrastructure to ensure adequate and reliable power supply to the rural areas of southwestern region of Bangladesh.
• To meet the proliferating electricity demand of residential, industrial and commercial consumers in Gopalganj, Bhola, Satkhira & Pirojpur area.
• To strengthen the 1st 230 kV East-West Interconnection (EWI).
Scope of Work 1. 1 nos 230kV Substation
2. 3 nos 132kV Substations
3. New 230 kV Transmission Lines: 41 km
4. New 132 kV Transmission Lines: 105 km
5. Existing 230kV Transmission Line reconductoring: 118 km
6. 132 kV 2nd circuit stringing line: 50 km
7. Bay Extensions
Project Cost Total: 109089.24 Lac BDT
Development Partner ADB
Present Status PDPP approved.
Estimated Duration July, 2021 to June, 2025
Project Office

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