Power Grid Network Strengthening Project under PGCB

Objective(s) • To build up and renovate necessary infrastructure for reliable transmission of power.
Scope of Work a) 400 kV transmission line: 100km
b) 230 kV transmission line: 330.20 km
c) 132 kV transmission line: 334.50km
d) Conductor up gradation of existing 132 kV transmission line : 225 km
e) 400/132 kV new Substation: 01 Nos (1x 650 MVA)
f) Construction of new 230/132 kV substations: 12 nos. (total 9200 MVA)
g) Capacity up gradation of existing 230/132 kV substations: 7 nos. (3035 MVA)
h) Construction of new 132/33 kV substations: 28 nos. (7404 MVA)
i) Capacity up gradation of existing 132/33 kV substations: 28 nos.(8044 MVA)
j) Extension of Existing 400 kV Substation: 1 nos
k) Extension of Existing 230 kV Substation: 3 nos
l) Extension of Existing 132 kV Substation: 14 nos
m) Renovation of existing substations: 05 Nos.
n) To construct new Specialised Engineering Facilities: 7 nos.
Project Cost 294686.50 Lakh BDT 109796.03 Lakh BDT 137058.79 Lakh BDT 47831.68 Lakh BDT
Development Partner Exim Bank China (G to G)
Present Status Physical: 41.75% Financial: 15.78%
Estimated Duration October, 2016 to June, 2024
Project Office Project Director:Md. Shafiullah, Chief Engineer
Project Office: House 29, Road 1, Block D, Aftabnagar, Dhaka
Mobile: 01730029317
E-mail: pd.g2g@pgcb.gov.bd

last updated on: 2022-09-29 07:30:27
Information Source: Project Planning